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Backyard Projects to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Fun in the Sun

It’s finally June, which means that warm weather has arrived. Summer is the perfect season to spend family time outdoors, but it can take some creativity to keep children occupied. Worry not—Weed Man Lawn Care is here to provide you with some ideas for outdoor fun.

Sprinkler Runs

Children playing in a sprinkler


On those days where the sun is blazing but there’s no pool in sight, the best way to cool off is a sprinkler! Sprinkler runs are a fun and cost-effective way to keep cool and have some laughs this summer. It’s simple: all you need to do is turn on the sprinkler and watch the kids create their own fun making up games and dashing through the spray. Not to mention that it’s a great way to wash off any dirt from playing outside when they refuse to take a bath!


Family having a picnic on the lawn


We all know a child that is a very fussy eater (maybe yours!). While this might be the case, things could change if you introduce some fun into lunchtime by taking it outdoors. Switching things up by packing up a lunch, laying out a blanket, and enjoying a meal on the lawn can make a world of difference when it comes to tackling meal times.  


Child on a trampoline


Trampolines are another great way for children to have fun outdoors and stay physically active. There is a bit of a lengthier set-up involved, but once up, a trampoline will lend itself to hours worth of fun for kids of all ages.

Lawn Games

Games on the Lawn

If you’re looking for simple and inexpensive ways that your whole family can enjoy spending time together on the lawn, look no further than lawn games. Whether it’s horseshoes, cornhole, or something in between, lawn games are fun, easy to learn, easy to set-up, and oftentimes can be DIY’d! Find more lawn games HERE!

Even the simplest backyard activities can be fun and effective for kids of all ages. With a little preparation, you’ll be ready to tackle outdoor summer fun in no time.

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