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The Next us invasion

Grub season is upon us!  Has your lawn been protected with Weed Man’s grub preventative? Although grubs are small and look harmless, they can very quickly invade your lawn and cause severe damage if the proper precautions are not taken. They will eat away at grass roots and can devastate an entire turf, resulting in expensive repairs in the future.
White Grubs – What Are They?

White grubs are small, plump, c-shaped, white larvae that live beneath the soil surface and snack on the roots of your lawn. If you’re trying to spot them in your turf, look for a brown head and three large pairs of legs. These pesky insects will impact the health of your lawn, leaving it weak and possibly yellow in patches, similar to how it would look if it were experiencing drought stress.
White grubs overwinterize on your lawn, surviving through the cold temperatures as larvae in the soil and in the spring, they start to feed again. Now is the time that they will typically start resting and then hatch into adult beetles. The beetles themselves will not cause damage to your turf, however their presence often signifies a grub problem; and later, their eggs will hatch into new larvae. If the problem is ignored, the patches of damage will continue to grow and eventually destroy the entire lawn.
Signs of a Grub Problem:
  • Are you noticing more beetles on your lawn and around your property than normal? This includes Japanese, May and June beetles.
  • Weak, discolored grass can be a sure sign of a grub infestation.
  • Have you noticed animals digging on your turf? They could be trying to get at the grubs for their next tasty meal!
  • If your turf is unhealthy and can be rolled back like a carpet, you could have a serious grub problem on your hands.
Grub Treatment
Preventatively treating potentially devastating white grub invasions can help protect the investment you have made in a lawn care program and your property. Weed Man offers a highly effective preventative product that lasts 60-75 days in the soil. We guarantee that grub activity will not even begin for the entire remainder of the year. That's like getting grub insurance for your lawn! Call your local Weed Man today for details.
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