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Lawn Fertilizer – Why Weed Man is Better

Make the Best Choice When it Comes to Your Lawn

Spring has arrived! Warmer soil temperatures mean that now is the perfect time to give your lawn the kickstart it needs with a good feeding. Weed Man’s lawn care program, which includes regular fertilization, helps promote healthy turf growth and a quick green-up.

Why is fertilization such an important aspect of an effective lawn care plan? To put it simply, fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grasses. Stronger roots and grasses = a stronger lawn = a lawn that’s better able to fight back against weeds and other environmental pressures.

Weed Man’s Exclusive Fertilizer

You may be wondering if all fertilizers are alike, and the answer is a definite no. At Weed Man, we use a 65% slow-release, granular fertilizer – a proprietary, golf course-grade blend that feeds your lawn gradually (only when it needs it). This allows grass plants to feed over an extended period of up to 8 weeks, rather than feast all at once. 

This high-quality blend is made from a combination of essential nutrients, including nitrogen and potassium. Nitrogen aids in plant growth and helps keep grass looking green and healthy. Potassium, on the other hand, increases weather hardiness and resistance to disease and drought. This product is exclusive to Weed Man, which means the only way you can access it is by becoming a Weed Man customer.

Speak with Your Local Weed Man Professional

Sure, you can buy granular fertilizer off the shelves of your nearest home store, but that doesn’t mean you will achieve the results you want. A do-it-yourself lawn care project won’t help you set up your spreader, figure out how much product to apply and when, or do a proper clean-up. Weed Man can help take the guesswork out of fertilization while giving your lawn access to the best product available on the market.

Request your free lawn care quote today and see for yourself why we’re the best!

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