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Bald Spots – Seek Help While You Can

After a summer of heavy foot traffic, many neighborhood lawns are looking a bit worse for wear. Bare spots are an eyesore that many homeowners want to repair as quickly as possible – and with good reason! ... More

Filling in the Gaps

If you’ve noticed gaps/bare spots or thinning turf, do not be alarmed. Bare spots are completely normal and fall is the perfect time to give your lawn the TLC it needs to bounce back before next spring. ... More

Outdoor Family Activities

Cooler days and nights means it’s time to hibernate for the next several months until spring arrives, right? Not if Weed Man has anything to say about it! We want you to keep active and make the most of our changing landscapes as the season transitions from summer to fall, and then again from fall to winter. Teach the kids to appreciate the beauty of our natural surroundings while getting a great full-body workout in the process! ... More

Enter to Win an Exmark Lazer Z-X Series Mower!

Weed Man has always been a proud supporter of Project Evergreen and the organization's continuous dedication to enhancing green spaces. Now we're offering you, our great customers, the chance to win an Exmark Lazer Z-X Series lawn mower while giving back to Project Evergreen's "Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids." Initiative. ... More

Starting Early: Halloween Yard Decor

Just like that, October has arrived, which means Halloween won’t be too far behind. Have you started decorating? Halloween décor is a great way to show off that yard you’ve worked so hard to cultivate all summer long – and, let’s not forget how much fun it is to get into the spooky spirit of the season.  ... More

Weed Man Elgin Sponsors Local Community Team

Weed Man's network of locally owned and operated franchisees have always shown a dedication to assisting with local community outreach initiatives, school projects, hiring locally, and beautifying neighborhood green spaces.... More

Balancing the pH of Your Lawn

Do you remember sitting in high school chemistry class and thinking ‘why do we need to learn this? It will never be relevant in the real world.’ But, luckily for Mr. Proton, that chem class wasn’t a total waste of time, because balancing the pH level of your lawn is kind of important.... More

Dormancy – What Happens to Your Turf When it Goes to Sleep?

With the winter season slowly creeping upon us, your lawn may start to look brown; but don’t fret! If you care for your lawn while it’s dormant in the colder seasons, it will thank you later. The change in temperature often brings grass out of dormancy naturally.... More

Putting Your Lawn to Sleep

It may be downright frosty outside, but don’t quit your lawn care routine just yet! Before your lawn tucks in for its long winter nap, help it get to sleep comfortably by practicing a little bit of late fall TLC. Your efforts now can help alleviate common winter stresses and ensure a quick green up come spring. ... More

The Science Behind Slow-Release Fertilizer

Weed Man programs are based on creating a healthy turf that minimizes problems later on; and a healthy turf is best maintained through a well-balanced fertilizer program.... More

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