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Don't Forget to Water

As temperatures continue warming up and spring rainfall begins tapering off, Weed Man starts to see those off-green hues showing up uninvited on local lawns. The main reason? Not enough water.
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Weed Man Service Calls

As a respected, locally owned and operated lawn care company, Weed Man takes great pride in the results we provide for our customers. We want your lawn to reflect the quality of our products and the integrity of our service so that you are always 100% satisfied. 

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How Pruning Trees Can Help Your Lawn Thrive

Shade can real life saver as temperatures start to heat up in your area. On hot days, many of us actively search for a cool spot under a towering tree to get some much-needed relief from the scorching sun.... Read Moreabout How Pruning Trees Can Help Your Lawn Thrive

Clumps in My Lawn

Playing baseball, throwing the ball to the dog, or just sitting and watching the world go by on a lush, green lawn is one of the joys of home ownership. However, when the recreation pursuits on your lawn resemble a walk on the moon, it may be time to give your lawn some attention.... Read Moreabout Clumps in My Lawn

Organizing an Easter Egg Hunt on the Lawn

If you are looking to host an Easter get together this year – even if it’s just a small celebration with immediate family – you may be in the midst of planning meals, d├ęcor, and possibly a fun activity for the kids.... Read Moreabout Organizing an Easter Egg Hunt on the Lawn

The Negative Impacts of Weeds

Weeds can negatively impact the overall health of your lawn. Find out how Weed Man Lawn Care can help.... Read Moreabout The Negative Impacts of Weeds

Spring Lawn Care FAQs

Lawn care season can be overwhelming. As soon as the weather starts improving, it seems that lawns begin greening up almost immediately and it’s time to get back into a regular routine. Weed Man has compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to early season turf care. ... Read Moreabout Spring Lawn Care FAQs

Starting Your Garden Early

Garden lovers everywhere are chomping at the bit to get outside and plant their vegetable gardens. There’s no tastier reward than enjoying fresh veggies grown in your very own yard. Did you know that you can actually start your vegetable garden before the “official” growing season arrives? ... Read Moreabout Starting Your Garden Early

Top 5 Tips to Help You Prep for Lawn Care Season

Small efforts over the next several weeks will save you valuable time (and money!) when it really matters. To help you prepare, Weed Man has compiled a list of simple spring lawn care prep tips.  ... Read Moreabout Top 5 Tips to Help You Prep for Lawn Care Season

Brown Patch Disease

Brown patch disease may be the one thing standing between you and a lush, green lawn. Don’t let those unsightly, brown and tan patches get you down. Fight back against turf diseases and reclaim the healthy lawn you deserve – find out how with these tips from Weed Man Lawn Care. ... Read Moreabout Brown Patch Disease