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Flea and Tick Control

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Effective Control Programs

Weed Man's Flea & Tick Program includes up to four outdoor treatments during the active flea and tick season. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatments, your visits are scheduled at the height of the flea and tick season in order to control the highest population. This outdoor treatment includes a perimeter spray of your property and in areas where fleas and ticks are mostly likely to be found, such as tall grassy areas, the perimeter of wood lines, natural areas, etc.

To more effectively control fleas and ticks on your property (and reduce the risk of flea/ tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease), Weed Man recommends the following:
  • Dress appropriately. Tuck your pants into your shoes and wear long sleeves in densely vegetated areas. 
  • Take measures to remove fleas & ticks from your property. Call Weed Man to discuss control options for your home.
  • Perform regular checks on your body, clothing, and pets. 
While it is unrealistic to completely eradicate every single flea and tick, our control program, in conjunction with smart cultural practices, can significantly reduce your family’s exposure to these potentially dangerous pests.

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