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5 Ideas for Your Winter Wreath Inspiration

DIY Winter Décor

Winter wreaths are the perfect decoration for your front door, and they can help increase your home’s curb appeal. When it comes to making your own wreath, the creative possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas for your DIY inspiration!

Pinecone Wreath

Pinecones make the perfect winter wreath. They are appropriate for the season and are typically very inexpensive, making for a cost-effective DIY project. You can even spray paint them white to give them a frosty appearance!

Wooden Wreath

Wooden wreaths work well for the winter because they look great and they are also very sturdy. Not only will the exposed wood hold up well against harsh winter weather conditions, it will also give off an authentic rustic look that will complement nearly any home.

Light Up Wreath

If you’re looking to make a wreath that will look great for the holidays, then consider wrapping a string of twinkle lights around it. Adding in other elements such as bows, candy canes, ornaments and red berries will also help give it a holiday look.

Poinsettia Wreath

Poinsettias are one of the most popular holiday flowers. They are often used in holiday décor because of their stunning bright red color. Incorporating these beautiful and festive flowers into a wreath could be the perfect idea for the winter holidays!

Purple Wreath

When it comes to winter décor, you often see them same color palette used time and time again. While the red and green color combination is certainly a classic, you might want to consider changing it up this year. A purple winter wreath looks great, is unique and will work for the duration of the winter season.
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