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Backyard Winter Camping

Enjoy the Cooler Weather

The colder weather and shorter days of winter have arrived in full force, and homeowners everywhere are suffering from a bit of cabin fever. While it is tempting to curl up with a blanket and hibernate indoors until March (or April…or even May in some cases), Weed Man recommends embracing the cooler season and all it has to offer by planning a camping trip in your very own backyard. Stay close to home while kissing your winter blues goodbye.

While exact temperatures are going to vary depending on where you live, it is best to be prepared for chillier weather. Use the list below to help you “pack” for your backyard adventure.

Although camping shelter-free under the clear winter sky may sound incredibly appealing, it isn’t very practical during the winter months. Set up a family-sized tent that will help protect you from windy conditions. It is a good idea to pop the tent while in the early afternoon while it is still light outside. Don’t forget to clear the ground of any debris before you begin. 

Camping Chairs 
You’ll need somewhere to sit and enjoy the fire, and the cold, hard ground isn’t going to cut it. No camping chairs at your disposal? Not to worry – patio furniture and picnic benches make great alternatives. 

Pillows and Sleeping Bags 
When it comes to sleeping bags, the warmer, the better. Breathing in the crisp, fresh air while you sleep is actually very relaxing, so you’ll feel comfortable and cozy as long as you come prepared. 

Warm Clothing
Layer clothing appropriately for the outdoor temperatures in your area. Avoid denim and cotton, which only make you feel colder. Fleece materials are an excellent option.  

Food and Water
Don’t spoil the experience of winter camping by cooking indoors. If you have access to one, use an outdoor fire pit to prepare your evening meal. Otherwise, your backyard barbecue will do the trick. Wood, matches, cookware, plates, and utensils should also be kept on hand.  

Keep in mind that daylight hours are sparse at this time of year. Light up your campsite using flashlights and lanterns. 

Games and Activities
Brainstorm a list of fun activities for the night. Hike around the neighborhood or surrounding wooded areas, play word games around the fire, or make delicious s’mores. All you need is a little imagination! 

Not only is backyard winter camping an innovative way to enjoy your lawn during the coldest months of the year, it is also a terrific way to bring the family together without everyday distractions. Why wait? Take advantage of the winter season without ever having to leave your property! 
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