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Building a Backyard Fort

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Fort-building has been a favorite childhood pastime for centuries. Kids of all ages enjoy creating small, personal spaces using a wide variety of creative materials. Now that outdoor season has arrived, it’s time to bring the backyard fort back in style. This popular activity will keep you and the kids busy for hours while allowing you the freedom to take down your impermanent structure at the end of the day – a win-win!

Below are a few ideas from Weed Man on how to make the best backyard fort this year:

  1. Boxes. Remember the joy of a new refrigerator? You knew that at the end of the day you would have access to the best box on the block. To maximize space, Weed Man recommends using a jumbo box or a series of boxes when creating your fort. All you need is duct tape, cardboard, and a big imagination to turn that everyday box into an impressive fortress.

  2. Blankets & Chairs. No boxes? No problem! A classic blanket fort will do the trick. To get started, grab several old blankets or sheets and drape them over a series of lawn chairs. Simple twinkle lights can help illuminate the interior at night or on a dreary day.

  3. Tarp. If you would like to maintain your newly-created fort for longer than a leisurely afternoon, consider creating a tent-like structure using an everyday tarpaulin. Sturdy and water-resistant, your fort will be able to withstand the elements while providing a wide open play space within.

Who knows? With a bit of effort, your fort may turn into the talk of the town. Get creative and have fun!

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