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Building an Indoor Winter Garden

DIY Terrariums

In the face of plummeting temperatures and the arrival of ice and snow, it can be difficult to enjoy your backyard oasis. For those of you that love your lawns and gardens like we here at Weed Man do, we’ve put together a fun do-it-yourself project to bring the outdoors in this winter: indoor gardens (in this case, terrariums!). 
Materials Required:
  • 1 clear glass or plastic container, in any shape or size;
  • Gravel, small stones or pebbles;
  • Activated charcoal;
  • Moss (optional);
  • Potting soil (enough to form a layer at the bottom of your container);
  • Plants of your choosing;
  • Decorative ornaments, if desired.
Assembly Instructions:
  1. Place a layer of gravel, small stones or pebbles, about 1” thick, at the bottom of your glass or plastic container. This will help with soil drainage and it also adds to the visual appeal.
  2. Next, add another layer, this time about ½” thick of the activated charcoal. Activated charcoal will absorb water well and therefore keep the water clean. This is optional, but in our experience has worked very well.
  3. This next step is also optional (but definitely recommended). If desired, add a layer of moss on top of the stones and charcoal. The moss will help keep the potting soil from settling and will help keep your new terrarium healthy.
  4. Now, add about 2” of your potting soil.
  5. And finally, add your plants and any decorative ornaments you’d like. Feel free to get creative by combining several types of plants. Try using a tall plant to add some height to your terrarium and even a colored plant as a focal point. As for decorative ornaments, pinecones always add a nice outdoorsy touch.
  6. For best results, place your terrarium in an area that receives a moderate amount of sunlight and be sure to water regularly by lightly spritzing. Lastly, enjoy your indoor winter garden!
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