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Collaborating with Your Neighbors

Have the Best Lawns in the Neighborhood

The curb appeal of your home plays a major role in the value of your property. If you are a Weed Man customer, then you’ve already made the wise decision to trust us when it comes to the health and beauty of your turf.
But what happens when your neighbor’s yard is an eyesore? Unfortunately, an ugly lawn next door can negatively impact the value of your property and make it difficult for you to sell your home. Instead of lodging a complaint, it is often more effective to collaborate with your neighbors and try to get them on board with the idea of a great-looking lawn! Here are a few ways to overcome your neighbors’ objections and help them step up their lawn care game.
If they don’t want to take care of the lawn due to environmental reasons. Explain that all products used by Weed Man have been tested and approved by the appropriate regulatory federal organizations and are safe for the environment.  If your neighbor still isn’t convinced, mention that there are a variety of organic and natural products available on the market that can keep weeds at bay and green up turf.
If they don’t want to water their lawn due to utility costs. In this case, you can offer to water your neighbor’s lawn so that the supply comes from your home.
If they feel that lawn care is a financial burden. Explain that a well-cared for lawn can increase a home’s property value by up to 10%, and that lawn care truly is an investment. If they still turn you down, you may want to offer help with mowing or edging to at least keep the lawn looking neat and tidy.
If taking care of the lawn is too difficult physically (often the case with seniors). Offer to ease the burden by calling Weed Man on your neighbor’s behalf and scheduling professional lawn care – or simply make an effort to team up with others in the neighborhood and take turns assisting with cultural care practices like mowing, watering, and raking. Your local HOA may also be able to provide some assistance.

If they don’t have the proper equipment. Some homeowners don’t have the resources to buy expensive machinery like lawn mowers or sprinklers. Offer to lend yours out for a day or two once a month – or shop around at second hand shops for a great bargain.
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