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Control Crabgrass Before it Controls Your Lawn

Crabgrass can turn a lush, green lawn into a neighborhood eyesore. This weed is on a mission to make your lawn look ugly. Just one crabgrass weed can produce more than 150,000 seeds that can spread.

Full, hot sun makes crabgrass thrive. It chokes out the good grass and forms large depressions in your lawn. When left uncontrolled, clumps of crabgrass can grow together into larger clumps that are even harder to control.

Tips To Control Crabgrass and Other Weeds
  • Preventive measures: Set your mower's wheel height based on the type of grass you have. That will encourage a lush, thick lawn that is more resistant to crabgrass. Water deeply (6-8 inches) when your lawn looks thirsty, or based on local water department recommendations. Fertilize based on the type of grass you have so that the good turf chokes out the bad weeds. 
  • Save money while treating for all weeds: Ask your Weed Man professional about any unidentified weeds in your yard. Be sure and maintain your regular service schedule to manage weeds before they get out of hand.
  • Share your knowledge to benefit your neighborhood: Weeds can spread from your neighbor's yard to your lawn.
Be sure to share the secrets of your success with your neighbors. If everyone's lawn looks great, that helps increase the curb appeal of your neighborhood and helps your home value. That helps put even more money in your pocket.