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DIY Yard Renovations

Update Your Yard this Season

Ready to give your yard a facelift? For projects big and small, consider a do-it-yourself approach this year. While labor intensive, DIY can be both fun and rewarding. You’ll need the right tools and supplies, a good team (if required), and a little bit of time on your side. Read on below for a list of reno ideas from Weed Man Lawn Care. 

1. The Beginner

If you’re new to the DIY game, consider taking on a smaller scale project at first. Weed Man recommends trying one of the following:

Planter Boxes

Heavy-duty planters may look fantastic, but they often come at a premium. This year, make your own for a fraction of the cost. All you’ll need is 5 pieces of wood, pre-cut to the appropriate sizes (sides and bottom). With the help of a partner, assemble the panels together – don’t forget the base! – and fasten with nails or wood glue. Stain the wood for a more finished look.


An outdoor sandbox can provide kids with hours upon hours of fun and enjoyment. The location of the sandbox is often determined by where you have space available. As an example, an 8’ x 8’ frame requires 64 sq. ft. of yard. You may be pleased to have less lawn to mow, but if you can’t spare the space, work with a smaller sandbox in the area that you have. Keep in mind that an 8’ x 8’ sandbox requires 32 cu. ft. of sand, or roughly 64 50-lb. bags. If this sounds like too much, you can easily reduce the dimensions. Weed Man suggests wooden slats for the bottom of the box and 2 inch-thick lumber for the sides/borders. Use a saw to cut your pieces to the appropriate lengths. Nail or screw all pieces together and fill the final frame with sand.

2. The DIY Dabbler

If you’ve taken a stab at a DIY project or two in the past, then the following backyard addition may be more up your alley:

Fire Pit

Professionally installed outdoor fire pits can be pricey, so why not make one yourself? Purchase stone or cast concrete blocks from your local home store. You’ll want to make sure that the materials you select are flat on the top and thus good for stacking. Blocks with angled sides will help you create a circular structure for your fire pit. You’ll also need masonry glue, mortar, a steel ring and capstone.  Dig a 12-inch trench lined with gravel up to about the 6-inch mark. Be sure to keep the base of the wall buried below ground within the remaining six inches of trench – this will allow for healthy drainage. Glue stones or bricks together and build up. Situate your fire pit low to the ground, with walls no more than a foot high above the soil’s surface. Line the interior of the pit with a steel ring and finish off the design with beautiful capstones.

3. The Seasoned Pro

If you’ve taken on large-scale lawn and landscape projects in the past, then we suggest taking your expertise to the next level by building your own deck or patio. Are you ready for the challenge?


Building a deck or patio is no easy feat. It requires intensive planning (complete with blueprints), a wide range of materials, and the desire to invest sweat equity into your property. On the plus side, customizing your own backyard gathering space allows you to break free from any cookie-cutter models. You’ll be able to bring your personalized vision to life and transform your outdoor space accordingly. Depending on which route you decide to take, you’ll need to visit your local hardware store and/or stone distributor for supplies. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishing a home project that’s been lingering on your “to do” list, especially when you get the opportunity to work with your hands. Take on that yard renovation project at long last and experience just how much fun a do-it-yourself project can be. 

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