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Fall Floral Arrangements

Create Your Own Unique Centerpiece

It’s tough to beat the colors of autumn – and what better way to enjoy the perks of fall than by bringing the outdoors in? Create a festive atmosphere in your home by indulging in these gorgeous DIY seasonal flower arrangements. Weed Man adapted the following instructions from Martha Stewart that use colorful flowers and fall leaves to create stunning centerpieces.

Care Tips:
Follow these tips and your arrangement should last for at least a week.
  • Keep your arrangement away from any heat source or bright sun.
  • Change the water every other day or if it looks murky to prolong the life of your flowers.
Flower Types Needed?
  • Orange milva roses
  • Bi-color orange and yellow cherry brandy roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Hydrangeas
  • Rosehips
  • Fall leaves
  • Deep-red black magic roses
  • Reddish-brown terra cotta roses

Step 1 - Use floral tape to make a grid, which will support the stems and keep flowers in place.
Step 2 - Fill vase close to the top with cool tap water. Add flower food and a few drops of bleach to prevent bacteria buildup. (You can also prevent buildup by removing the leaves and thorns that will sit below the water line.)
Step 3 - Cut flowers' stems at an angle so they can more easily absorb water.
Step 4 - Arrange bundles of flowers together in grid. If you're making an arrangement for the dinner table, be sure to keep it low enough so that it doesn't obstruct the view of guests across the table from one another.

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