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Hating Winter a Little Bit Less

Tips & Tricks for Enjoying the Colder Outdoors

It’s that time of year when chilly temperatures start to set in and the thought of heading outdoors becomes increasingly unappealing. If you’re like the majority of American homeowners, relaxing on the couch in front of a roaring fire (with a side of Netflix, of course) might sound pretty darn good right about now. Weed Man wants you to put down the remote, bundle up, and find new ways to enjoy the colder weather. Make memories with your family and keep active this year. Ready to find out how? Read on below.

1. Take a Road Trip

Bring the excitement and anticipation of holiday planning back into your life by taking a mini vacation. While summers are often filled with weekends spent at the beach or cottage, weekends during the cooler seasons can leave much to be desired. Make an effort to explore unfamiliar territory in a near by town or provincial park, visit a landmark, or even try your hand at winter camping if the weather permits.

2. Try a New Winter Activity

Fun physical activities don’t begin and end with above-zero temperatures. There is truly so much to do in the winter season, and almost all of it is kid friendly! Hockey, skiing, snowboarding, skating, tobogganing, snowshoeing, curling, and snowtubing are just a few ideas that come to mind.

3. Take a Hike!

Weed Man is a huge fan of winter hiking. Hiking on its own is a terrific form of exercise that improves cardio-respiratory fitness, lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke, and burns more than 370 calories per hour. Hiking with a foot of snow on the ground? You’ll never get a better workout! Just be sure to wear a solid pair of waterproof boots.

4. Play in the Snow

If you live in an area of the country that receives a significant amount of snowfall each year, use it to your advantage! Plan family activities around weather conditions. From snowball fights to igloo building, snow can easily transform your entire outdoor landscape into your personal playground.

5. Go Ice Fishing

Depending on your preference, fishing can be a peaceful, one-person activity, or an opportunity to enjoy nature’s gifts in the company of your friends and family. Ice fishing offers a totally new perspective on the sport than traditional fishing. Have a blast learning all about the process of setting up your hut, selecting your bait and tackle, and using the latest tricks and maneuvers to help you get the biggest haul.

Spring may seem like a long way off (and, let’s be honest, it is), but that’s no reason to bunker down indoors all winter. Head outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer this season. You may be surprised by what you find.

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