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How Pruning Trees Can Help Your Lawn Thrive

Let the Sunlight In

Shade can real life saver as temperatures start to heat up in your area. On hot days, many of us actively search for a cool spot under a towering tree to get some much-needed relief from the scorching sun. 

While shade can provide reprieve from the heat for you and your family, it can also be a significant limiting factor for local lawns. Grass plants need a significant amount of sunlight to thrive; in fact, most turfgrasses require four to six hours of full sun each day. When adequate amounts are not received, lawns respond by drastically thinning out.
Strategies for Helping a Shady Lawn
If your lawn appears to be suffering due to overly shady conditions, your best bet is to help more natural light flow through to the grass plants. In most cases, this does not involve completely removing the trees from your property. In fact, simple pruning of any overhanging foliage is often extremely effective. Homeowners can safely remove up to 25% of the canopy at without time without impacting tree health. Here are a few tips for getting started.
  1. Prioritize. The densest canopies and/or shrubs should be the first on your list – even a small increase of filtered light can make a difference. Start by removing any broken and/or dead wood.
  2. Create Balance & Symmetry. Balance your pruning by maintaining the natural symmetry of the tree or shrub. While it may seem more logical to only prune the part of the tree that is directly blocking the sunlight, this can actually impact tree growth.
  3. Use Good Tools. Use sharp tools/implements. Dull blades will make your job harder and can be very damaging.
  4. Clean Up. After pruning, ensure that any branches, twigs, and leaf particles are removed from the lawn.
  5. Ask for Help. If the task seems overwhelming – or if it cannot be performed safely – do not hesitate to contact a professional arborist for assistance.
Following these tips can help improve the look and feel of your lawn. If your property boasts very dense shade, however, then growing a quality lawn may prove to be difficult. Contact Weed Man for advice on how to keep your shady yard in tip top condition this summer. 
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