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Keeping Healthy After School

Eating Right & Staying Active

For active kids, summer often means days spent playing outdoors, healthier meals, and regular exercise.  With the school year back in full force, it may be tempting to substitute bike-riding with TV-watching, or to swap those grilled dinners for heavier foods. Maintaining sensible eating and exercising habits throughout the seasons doesn’t have to be an uphill battle; in fact, it’s easier than it seems! All it takes is a bit of practice – and a few helpful tips from Weed Man.

Create an Activity Schedule

Believe it or not, kids thrive on routine, and an activity schedule can help encourage regular daily exercise. Post a calendar or helpful sticky notes around your home – something as simple as “play outside from 4:00-5:00” can go a long way. As the weather cools, research sports, games, and clubs at your local community or rec center.

Grill All Year Long

Fall temperatures cause us to crave heavy, starchy foods, including pastas, mashed potatoes, and even grandma’s famous meatloaf. These meals, while tasty, are usually very filling and can lead to post-meal lethargy. Although there is no need to remove these cool-weather favorites completely from your family’s diet, it is important that you incorporate protein-rich meals complete with fresh vegetables into your weekly planning as well. Keeping your BBQ active all year long is one way to maintain clean eating, as grilled meals are generally lighter and healthier.

Plan Family Time

Skip that family outing to the movies and opt for a day at the batting cages instead! There are so many ways to keep active throughout the cooler seasons – bowling, skating, indoor tennis, and swimming are just a few of the activities that come to mind. Be creative and find new, healthier ways to enjoy time together as a family unit. It’ll give your kids (and you!) something to look forward to each and every week.

Don’t let a few post-summer blues lead your loved ones to after school hibernation. Keep active and eat well – your minds and bodies will thank you. 

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