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Will Millennials Take Better Care of Their Lawns in 2017?

Factors Influencing Quality of Lawn Care

In today’s world, millennials almost always get a bad rap. Often labelled as lazy and directionless, this segment of our society isn’t always seen in the best light. When it comes to lawn care, we usually associate better cultural care with an older generation, but why is that? Weed Man has put together a list of factors influencing the quality of care when it comes to millennials. Read on below!
  1. Lack of home ownership. Many millennials have struggled with finding a career with an income high enough or stable enough for home ownership. When millennials do purchase homes, there is often limited money left over for non-essentials, making professional lawn care an unaffordable luxury.
  2. Busy schedules. Millennials are constantly on the go. Interested in entertainment, educational pursuits, technology, politics, shopping and travel, millennials have little time to dedicate to lawn care.
  3. Preference for the digital world. Known in part for their dependency on technology, millennials would often rather spend leisure time in the digital space, rather than outdoors.
  4. Love for urban landscapes. Millennials tend to prefer urban living spaces to suburban or country landscapes, and outdoor green spaces are usually low on their priority lists when shopping for real estate.
Although it may not look like millennials are trending toward lawn care as a recreational pursuit, the generation is getting older. The next 10 years may be telling as this sector of our population begins to move toward middle age.
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