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How to Prep Your Lawn for a Halloween Display

Halloween is just a few short weeks away – is your lawn ready? As a homeowner, you may already know what a night of trick-or-treating can do to your yard. Between the large-scale decorations scattered throughout your property and the pitter-patter of little feet fueled by sugar, your grass is sure to take a bit of abuse this coming holiday. Ensure your lawn is Halloween-ready with these yard care prep tips from Weed Man.
  1. Mow your lawn. Overly-long grass plants tend to fold over one another, resulting in flopping and matting. Add heavy décor items and increased foot traffic to the mix, and damage is sure to follow. Avoid extensive turf injury by mowing regularly and keeping your grass at a height of 3 inches.
  2. Wait to water. If your lawn needs a drink, try not to schedule your watering for Halloween day. The cooler temperatures of October cause water to evaporate at a slower rate, leaving your lawn slippery and posing a danger to young trick-or-treaters. Moisture can also make your lawn softer and more susceptible to indentation from footprints or your Halloween display items – pumpkins included.
  3. Remove debris. Your Halloween display is likely going to be up for several days or weeks, so you want to be sure that the grass underneath is clear of any moisture-trapping debris, including leaves. Give your lawn a good raking before you set up your spooky display. If you decide to go ahead and decorate before giving your lawn a good clean-up, you may have turf discoloration and/or disease on your hands.
  4. Trim trees and shrubs. Unruly branches can be hazardous – for children and your expensive décor. Avoid unwanted mishaps by doing some minor landscaping in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Your home will look neat and tidy while posing less of a risk.  
Don’t leave the condition of your lawn up to chance this Halloween . Do a bit of prep and keep your turf out of harm’s way while making your property more inviting for visitors.
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