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The Bumpy Road to Recovery

How Aeration Can Help

The arrival of mid-August typically signifies the beginning stages of late summer, when lawns begin looking a bit tired after a season of foot traffic and overly dry conditions. In addition to some wilting and/or discoloration, local lawns may also be bumpy and uncomfortable to walk on, making outdoor play and relaxation difficult.

We often receive calls from homeowners describing “clumps” of turf, when in reality their lawns have simply become severely uneven and bumpy. Contributing conditions usually include compacted soil, lack of proper aeration, thatch build-up, and high traffic. And while it may seem like a tall task to “level the playing field,” an uneven lawn can be corrected.

When it comes to smoothing out uneven, bumpy turf, Weed Man suggests the following:
  • Having the lawn professionally aerated
  • Rolling the turf to eliminate bumps and low points
  • Overseeding affected areas and adding new soil to low spots
  • Removing excess thatch through gentle raking
  • Considering changing seed types to those that are more adaptable to varying conditions
If you’re wondering where to start, core aeration may pack the most punch. This process involves the removal of small cores of soil and thatch (layer of living and decomposing organic debris between the soil surface and green vegetation) from your lawn with specially designed equipment.  A series of hollow coring tines are rolled over the lawn, puncturing its surface and systematically removing small plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn. The removal of these plugs allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root system of grass plants much more effectively.  This contributes to a healthier, deeper root system that enables the grass plants to better overcome stress caused by insects and disease. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of a smoother, softer lawn!

Keep in mind that an uneven lawn can be a safety concern, particularly when it comes to young families. Small children can easily lose their footing with the lawn’s changing elevation. Removing the clumps, bumps, and low spots from your lawn will enhance safety, improve the overall health of your turf, and give you the uniform outdoor space you desire.

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