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3 Ways To Cherish Greenery in Winter

Enjoy Your Natural Surroundings All Year Long

As the cold weather of winter sets in, the nature lover in you may start to feel a little blue. Even though winter can be beautiful, it’s easy to start missing the lush greenery of spring and summer. If you’d like to come home to green all year long, Weed Man recommends the following to help you bring the outdoors in:

Start an indoor vegetable garden. Planting seedlings in your warm house gives your plants a much-needed head start before milder temperatures return. To get started, begin your indoor garden about 6-8 weeks before outdoor temperatures reach the mid-50s on a consistent basis (about 8 weeks before the last expected frost). Use sturdy containers, high-quality vegetable seeds from your local home and garden store, heat and light to create spring-like growing conditions for your seedlings.

Grow your own herbs. Small herb gardens are fun to create, and, if properly tended, can result in tasty ingredients for your at-home meals.  Before you get started, keep in mind that herbs need a tremendous amount of light in order to grow.  This means you must have a windowsill or similar spot in your home that receives up to eight hours of direct, natural sunlight each and every day.  The trick here is to find a location that is bright but not overly hot, as you do not want to burn the plants.  If you do not have an ideal spot in your home for growing herbs, consider investing in supplementary artificial lighting. You can buy a ready-to-grow herb gardens at many home and garden centers, or purchase the pots, soil, and seeds all separately if you prefer.

Trim those evergreens. Get into the spirit of the season by trimming up your evergreen trees and decorating your home with fragrant branches and garland – right from your very own yard! Adorn your trimmings with twinkle lights and ornaments for an extra dash of holiday cheer.

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