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Weed Man USA Helping Homeowners Prepare Lawns for Spring with National Lawn Care Month

As warmer days arrive, homeowners head outside to wake their lawns up from winter hibernation. Coinciding with National Lawn Care Month, Weed Man is helping local communities kick-start their spring lawn care to ensure a beautiful lawn that families can enjoy all season long. 

The environmental benefits of a healthy lawn are abundant. Properly prepared lawns will help residents stay cool during the warmer months ahead. It is estimated that eight healthy front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, which is enough for 16 average homes. Additionally, a healthy lawn improves the environment as it produces enough oxygen for a family of four. 

“The warm months bring out families from the hibernation of winter months. Preparing their lawns properly with the correct weedinsect anddisease management programs will allow them to roam their lawns carefree,” said Roger Mongeon, CEO of Turf Holdings, Inc., which oversees Weed Man’s U.S. operations. “We are dedicated to making sure families are provided with a safe and healthy area they can enjoy with one another.”

To help local homeowners wake up their lawns, Weed Man is offering the following tips to ensure homeowners maximize their spring lawn care results.

•   Inspect your lawn: Rake up last year’s leaves and matted grass that was hiding under last fall’s leaves and sticks left in the yard. Raking your yard can also help keep the thatch level in your lawn at a half inch or less. More than a half-inch of thatch can become hard to remove, and more importantly, can be detrimental to the lawn. 
•   Mulch your yard: Mulching with a depth of two to four inches around the bases of trees, shrubs and in flower beds will retain water and keep plants warm. 
•   Till your garden and plant seeds: Amend your garden soil with fertilizer, peat moss and other nutrient-rich material to feed your vegetables. To break up the first, use a shovel and hoe. 
•   Clean and flush your gutters: Clean and flush before the spring rains hit. This will not only protect your foundation from water damage, but will keep plants under your eaves from drowning. 

For more than 40 years, Weed Man has been dedicated to creating greener and healthier lawns. A healthy lawn generates oxygen, removes carbon dioxide, reduces noise and temperatures, filters out ground water pollutants, increases property values, and reduces the vulnerability of homes to infestations and disease carried by insects and rodents. Additionally, implementing a basic service like lawn care can help reduce carbon footprint. 

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