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What an Early Spring Could Mean for Your Lawn

Preparing for an Early Start

Winter has been fairly mild in most regions of the country this year. These warmer-than-usual temperatures and a noticeable lack of snow could mean that an early spring is on its way (even if the groundhog said otherwise!). An early spring may sound like wonderful news, but what does it mean for your lawn? 

To help you prepare for a possible early start to spring, Weed Man has put together a few lawn care tips to ensure you don’t miss this year’s window of opportunity. Read on below!

Schedule Your Lawn Care Now. Don’t put off booking a lawn care program. If spring does indeed come early this year, its arrival may be fast and furious. Lawns often grow seemingly overnight, leaving many unprepared homeowners scrambling for professional care. Having your ducks in a row now will help guarantee that you’re in the best of hands when it really counts, and that your lawn gets the treatment it needs at the most optimal time of the season. 

Start Your Cultural Care Practices Early. If the weather continues to trend in a positive direction, you may need to get started on your cultural care practices sooner than expected. Keep your eye on your lawn and get ready to take initiative when needed. An early spring rake, for example, can help jump start your lawn, so don’t put it off if the weather is good! As soon as the snow melts and the lawn dries out, be sure to spring into action and get raking. Don’t wait until the end of March simply because that’s what the calendar dictates. 

Clean Up. Don’t let leftover winter debris, such as leaves, twigs, and pebbles, accumulate on your lawn, as this can lead to turf disease and create an ideal environment for pests. As soon as your lawn is strong enough for you to walk without leaving footprints in your wake, get to work on tidying up and preparing for spring. 

Take Inventory. Have you noticed any bare spots? Unusual turf discoloration? Water pooling in your yard? If so, take note and report these issues to your local Weed Man. Our trained technicians can make recommendations based on the severity of the issue(s) present to ensure the problems do not escalate and leave you with costly repairs. 

An early spring can be a great opportunity to start the lawn care season with a bang. If temperatures continue to remain mild, get ready to dive in head first at the first sign of green. The Weed Man team would be happy to assist! 
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