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Zoning Out in Your Backyard

Tips for Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

When designing or updating your backyard landscape, Weed Man recommends dividing the space available into “zones” to emphasize the features that are most important to you and your family. Check out our sample below!
  1. The Gathering Space. The first zone you may want to consider adding is a Gathering Space – a location where you can entertain family and friends in the great outdoors. This can be a deck or patio with a table and chairs for eating, comfortable patio furniture, or a heat lamp (or even an outdoor kitchen!). Ideally, this area will be closest to the house and adjacent to your kitchen for ease of access when entertaining.
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  1. The Getaway Space. The next zone could be your yard’s Getaway Space – a special place designed for some “alone” time or to pursue a hobby like gardening or growing exotic plants. Ideas for a getaway space include a fire pit, stone patio with bench, pathways through wooded areas, and a gazebo if you have room, or a space that involves getting your hands dirty, like a vegetable garden, vineyard or wildflower bed.
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  1. The Bordering Space. Another important area of your landscape that should not be left off the list is the edges or border of the landscape. The areas that create the outline of your property or that abut up to natural barriers like ponds, streams or wood lines. Using flower beds, ground covering plants or water features are possible ideas in these areas.
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  1. The Middle Space. The final piece of the backyard puzzle is the space in the middle – the Times Square of your yard! This is where all the action takes place and where backyard games are enjoyed. Unless you have existing trees or a large planting bed, make sure this area has plenty of free space and lots of lush green grass where everyone can kick off their shoes and enjoy.
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