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Lawn Fertilizer – Why Weed Man is Better

Why is fertilization such an important aspect of an effective lawn care plan? To put it simply, fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to produce strong roots and grasses. Stronger roots and grasses = a stronger lawn = a lawn that’s better able to fight back against weeds and other environmental pressures. ... More

Cultural Practices that Promote Healthier Lawns

At Weed Man, we know that the healthiest, best-looking lawns are the direct result of an ongoing partnership between our team of experts and our customers. Learn more about at-home cultural practices that can help promote the health and vitality of your turf. ... More

Weed Man USA's Community Sports Sponsorship Promotion

Enter Weed Man's Community Sports Sponsorship Promotion and earn up to $5,000 for your team!... More

Turfgrass Species Profile

The grass type present on the lawn is one of the most important components we take into consideration when designing a treatment plan for a new customer. ... More

Building a Backyard Fort

Fort-building has been a favorite childhood pastime for centuries. Now that outdoor season has arrived, it’s time to bring the backyard fort back in style. ... More

Don’t Be Late - Schedule Your Lawn Care Program

Temperatures are rising and we’re beginning to see longer, sunnier days in many parts of the country. There’s no denying it – spring is on the horizon! Soon your evenings spent indoors in front of the TV will be replaced with outdoor activities….and outdoor chores (*groan*).... More

Crabgrass Control - Is Your Lawn Protected?

Crabgrass, sometimes confused with quack grass, is an undesirable, troublesome weed grass with a coarse texture and ugly, light green color. It can turn a homeowner’s thick, lush, green lawn into a thin, weak, patchy one if left untreated. Is your lawn protected from a potential crabgrass invasion? Read on for crabgrass identification and control tips.... More

What an Early Spring Could Mean for Your Lawn

Winter has been fairly mild in most regions of the country this year. These warmer-than-usual temperatures and a noticeable lack of snow could mean that an early spring is on its way (even if the groundhog said otherwise!). An early spring may sound like wonderful news, but what does it mean for your lawn? ... More

Snowy Treats – Maple Syrup Taffy

Is winter boredom setting in? Toward the end of January, everyone starts to get a little antsy, thanks in part to the cold weather and the endless wait until spring’s arrival. Never fear – Weed Man is here! We’re always looking for ways to get homeowners outside for outdoor enjoyment. Even if it’s cold and snowy, there’s so much fun to be had this winter. ... More

Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter can be a tough time to keep the kids (and adults) entertained. That warm fuzzy feeling of a day off school wears off quickly when it’s the third time in two weeks! The creative folks at the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh – no strangers to hard winters – came up with the following five outdoor winter activities that might keep everyone from catching a case of cabin fever this year.
 ... More

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